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Pranayama - Breath Practice

Physiology teaches that breath is an involuntary action. Yoga teaches that breath is focused and controlled, more of a voluntary action.

What then is "Breath?"


Inhale, Exhale.

Oxygen, Carbon Dioxyde.

Inhale is the first thing we do in life, Exhale is the last thing we do in life.

We can hold our breath to get our way, We can blow way the stress of the day.

It can be the confidence in your voice, It can be the force of your defense.

You use it to swim, You use it with scents.

Breath is precious, vital, energy and life.

Breath is hard, overwhelming, stain and strife.

Breath is religious.

Breath is political.

Breath is loving.

Breath is critical.

I breathe for the trees, and they for me.

Breath is Synchronicity.


Breathe well yogis, and cherish the voluntary and involuntary of the essential practice.

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