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I Am, therefore I Feel; I Feel, therefore I Am; I Am & I Feel.

Philosophers have contemplated the meaning of life since the beginning of time. Challenging our mere existence is not new to the human experience, so how does a Yogi approach and answer these deep queries? Do we have any deeper knowledge than any other walk of life? Where do we source our information, and how do we sit in contentment without solid answers?

First we, as Yogis can turn to our base belief in Ashtanga: The 8 Limb Path:

  • Yamas - Social Code of Conduct

  1. Ahimsa: Non-Violence (Actions, Language & Thought)

  2. Satya : Truthfulness

  3. Asteya : Virtue; Non-Stealing

  4. Brahamcharya : Moderation

  5. Aparigraha : Non-Possession

  • Niyamas - Personal Accountability

  1. Saucha : Cleanliness

  2. Santosha : Contentment

  3. Tapas : Discipline

  4. Svedyaya : Self Evaluation

  5. Ishvara Pranadhana : Devotion to Higher Spirit

  • Asanas - Physical Application of Yoga

  • Pranayamas - Connecting to breath as Ultimate Source of Life

  • Pratyahara - Power Over Distractions

  • Dharanas - Focused Constentraion

  • Dhyanas - Meditation

  • Samadhi - Enlightenment

We, Yogis have a belief that we are "Avatars" of our higher power, and that our souls use this physical vessel (human body) to experience the human existence. We, Yogis put Ashtanga to the test by observing the 8 laws consciously and consistently. We, Yogis are meant to feel all that the world has to feel; Happiness, Sadness, Pain, Pleasure, etc. Thus, we take on our philosophy :"I Am & I Feel" and record our experience to validate our existence, and pass the knowledge along to generations. We test boundaries and accept moments of stillness to reflect. It is our foundational practice to be present in the moment and acknowledge what and how we feel: Spiritually, Mentally and Physically.

By recognizing ourselves as avatars of the Devine, we practice self-love as a devotion to the Devine. We, Yogis learn to love all that is our body without limit or exception, and work to make choices that support the health and longevity of our human body. Practicing self-love is at the root of practicing Yoga!

Task: Take a moment and reflect on how you practice self-love, and set out a plan to practice self-love consciously each day. Your focus to improve self-love will effortlessly translate to love for that which is around you.

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