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6 Steps To Your @ Home Yoga Studio

Before you can be successful with your journey you will want to create a space which is safe enough, calm enough and with the perfect amount of creative inspirations. Are you ready to bring "Om To Home?"

Step 1: Start Quiet

Chose a space in your home that has the least amount of distractions. If you like natural light, choose a window space that faces away from street noise or high foot traffic. Best practice is away from kitchens or bathrooms (unless you are confident of low distraction) to avoid jeopardizing concentration.

Step 2: Real Estate

Size really does matter when it comes to creating your perfect space. Nearly every home has space for your practice, but this is all subjective. Truly you will not need more than a space slightly longer than your mat and about twice the width. Adjust the space size to your liking and make it feel wonderful.

Carpeting or Bare Floors? It's up to you! Keep in mind that most yoga mats were engineered for studio, flat/ even flooring and will take some adjusting if used on soft ground or carpeting. Some practitioners find success without a mat on such surface space.

Step 3: Climate Control

Do you prefer heated yoga?

Do you miss getting a deep sweat with your practice?

Stay home, stay safe and stay in control.

  • 15 min before practice: Slightly warm your practice space with natural or forced heat. (BE CAREFUL! DO NOT USE SPACE HEATER CLOSE TO YOUR MAT.)

  • 5 min before practice: Take a HOT shower. Because your inner body is heated from your shower, your slightly warmed space will quickly feel like your favorite hot yoga class without someone else's sweat dripping on you.

Step 4: Tools

If you already have a practice you are likely familiar with the traditional yoga tools.

  • Traditional Yoga Tool : Use : Common Replacement

  • Yoga Mat : Create Traction : Rug, Towel, Nothing

  • Bolster/ Meditation Pillow : Cushion : Firm Pillow, Nothing

  • Yoga Blanket : Warmth : Any Blanket, Nothing

  • Extension Straps : Create Controlled Tension :Hand Towel, T-shirt, Nothing

  • Stability Blocks : Balance/ Compression : Box w/ Lid, H20 Bottle, Book

  • Dharma Wheel : Spinal Extension : Ottoman, Chair, Nothing

  • Hand Weights : Muscle Development : 1Gal H2O Jug (8.5lbs filled)

Step 5: Device Display

To Be Seen: Set up your streaming device in a secure and unobtrusive way. The most effective image of you is to focus the camera just above your crown of head and angle slightly downward. Set the device far enough away from your mat that your entire mat is in the frame. And remember, you will always have the discretion of privacy.

To See: Place the display screen in an easily seen location so you can maintain safe alignment while watching visual cues. Avoid excess cervical rotation and/ or abrupt alignment changes, if you are unable to see the visual display listen closely to the verbal cues.

Step 6: Ambiance

Set the mood to find your groove. Yoga is a practice of body+mind+spirit+emotion and requires even focus throughout. The space where you observe practice should support your needs without being a distraction. Lighting, smells and artwork/decor can provide a much wanted upgrade to your environment.

  • Light: Traditional Yoga is most often enjoyed in soft and dimmed lighting. Fitness focused classes are safest when practiced in full lighting to avoid injuries.

  • Smells: Add your favorite scents to a space to stimulate deeper layers of your experience. Chose a scent that is not distracting or overpowering. Some smells can overwhelm your senses, some recommendations are subtle and clean smells. If you choose incense or candles, a safe practice is to extinguish all fire before class begins to avoid respiratory compromise.

  • Artwork/ Decor: Simple is best! This is your space, so you are the designer. Words are best when limited so not to draw from focus. Be comfortable with what you see and you will have greater dedication to your practice at "home."

There's no place like Om To Home Yoga & Fitness

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