“Yoga & Fitness As You Need It, Where You Need It”

Welcome to the global family:

Om To Home Yoga & Fitness, LLC.


In effort to connect the planet with each other, this website is a collaboration of many certified yoga instructors and wellness providers from several world locations.


All OTH instructors are experts of their craft and supported to share their individual authenticity.  

OTH streams live classes, currently using: ZOOM.


We value your privacy therefore : 

  • At the beginning and the end of each class, 10 minutes will be available for connections and sharing.

       (Opportunity to show your pets at this time!)

  • At any time you can choose to be on or off camera. 

  • You can choose to use your name or the yogi nickname you shared with OTH.  

  • To control all audio distractions students will be muted during class.


OTH is committed to keeping you in your best shape.


One-on-One instruction is available for more personalized results. Those with movement restrictions, special considerations, and ultimately new to the discipline of Yoga & Fitness One-on-One is exactly what you are looking for!