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About Krista

When you feel good, you look good! 

Krista worked at a law firm that offered a perk of yoga- she took one class and was hooked. She loved the way she felt cleansed from the inside out- When she went through a rough patch in her life, yoga is what saved her.  It was her happy place, and her rhythm. As she kept going and kept going, she was offered to teach- so she decided she’d try it! She was so happy she did because it felt like her passion. She truly loved teaching and started teaching so much, that she ended up teaching full time and waving the office life goodbye!  

Krista loves seeing people move their bodies, to see them go through changes in their bodies, and to provide classes that will help the mind and body. Our bodies are designed to move, and even if it is a little movement, we always seem to feel better. After you leave yoga, you feel better physically and mentally, to live your best life! When you feel good, you look good! 

Join me and see what breath and movement do for your body!

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Krista’s Yoga Studio 

password: yoga

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