About Joshua 

"Heal the one that lives behind your thumbs, to inspire those that live in front of your pinkies!"


Life is a pathway filled with many different terrains, elevations and slides.  OTH is a safe place to succeed and stumble, with supportive people who care.

In 2007 I was confronted by a woman who shared this thought with me... "You are Fat and I want to help you."
Her name is Bobbi, and unfortunately she was correct. I was 26 years old, 5'6" tall and weighed in at almost 250#. I began my journey (slowly) in the basement of a nearby church, rented out by Bobbi once a week for a community yoga class.


As I moved my body in these new and interesting ways, I was inspired to find a way to share what I was learning. I signed up to be certified to teach Pilates, as I was not at the metaphysical level to teach yoga yet and could not afford the cost.  Pilates was great, but I needed more structure and had not lost weight (in fact I gained more weight), so I decided to invest in myself a 500hr yoga teacher journey that would change my life completely!

In 2009, a year after yoga teacher training ended, a dear friend of mine and I joined a popular diet correction program and finally began to lose weight. My start weigh in was 298# , with dedication and lifestyle change, I weighed 155# by my 30th birthday in 2011.

I am very proud of my accomplishments, and dedicate my life to inspire anyone who wants to experience that same Pride in themselves.


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