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Align your fitness goals to the mindfulness of yoga.

ndividual resistance tools welcome, but not necessary. Expect SWEAT, SORE, and STRENGTH Learn to push your limits in proper form. This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Fitness Class. 



Reach, Stretch and Twist the tension and fatigue out of your body in the safety and comfort of your home.

Inspired by the teachings and principles of the Hatha and Vinyasa disciplines, connect together with this ALL LEVEL yoga practice. 




Start your week strong and relaxed.

75-90min. Hatha/Vinyasa class. This is an awesome ALL LEVEL yoga practice. We will meet together and work towards a peak body part or posture.

Wake up positively and purposeful.

This class is a soft guided meditation and gentle movement for enhanced life experience, and proper breath support.



Private Sessions - Customized sessions designed to push your edge, and reach your goals.

  • Focus on your wellness journey

  • Study deep philosophy of yoga that applies your life

  • Plan your nutritional week

  • Real results tailored specifically for you! 




Workshops and Retreats -

Deeper learning and guided focus to develop lifestyle habits.


All events related will be promoted with ample time to prepare and participate!


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