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About Annelise 

"Move Well. Move Often. Move Mindfully"


I found my yoga practice a year after the traumatic loss of my father. I was eighteen and seeking an outlet for my anxiety and depression. I had played sports all my life and understood the importance of movement for mental health. After my first yoga class, I knew this practice needed to be embedded into my life. 


I graduated college in 2014 and immediately jumped into my first 200 hour power yoga teacher training. I began teaching immediately, in early 2015 and taught for two and half years. I found myself injured often and craving a deeper understanding of anatomy. I took a year off, completed another 200 hour training, to align with my interest. 


My teaching now is focused on a mindful movement approach. Referred to as the LYT Method and found by a Physical Therapist, this practice will target fascia through a series of movements to neurologically re-map compensatory movement patterns that cause pain or discomfort. My classes will focus on alignment and posture to help you live a more LYT life. After class, you may feel a sense of reclaimed energy and clear understanding of yourself in space. Whether you sit for long periods, bike or garden, I look forward to working with you to determine where to strengthen your body and thrive in your life, on and off the mat. 



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Cost of Annelise's classes are separate from other prices.


$90/5 classes

$175/ 10 classes 

Annelise's Yoga Studio 

password: yoga

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